Practice 1

1.Title of the practice:

" Developing the entrepreneurship skills among students "

Aim :

Objective of the Practice :

The Context :

Students of the rural area feel uncertain abouttheir career options and they show leastconcern in entrepreneurship because of family or social background. The practice was initiated for providing a platform to the students in order to inculcate the skills of entrepreneurship.

The Practice :

At the beginning of the academic year the tentative dates of 03 different events namely Marketing fair, Wild vegetable foodfestival (Ranbhajya Mahotsav)and Sharada kite festival are proposed. Accordingly, the committees are formed and duties are assigned.The schedule is displayed on notice boards and circulated among the stakeholders. Women self-help groups (WSHS) in the vicinity of the college are also invited. Committee members analyze the registration details and plan. Necessary infrastructure and basic amenities are provided. The office bearers of PDEA, faculties fromother colleges and renowned personalities, alumni, students and parents are involved in the event as possible customers. The prominent entrepreneur alumni are invited as guests of honor to inspire the students. The students and WSHS are assisted in the installation of their stalls. Stall holdersare encouraged to use QR codes fortransactions. Students are enabled to analyze the shortfalls which they try to overcome in the next event.

Event details are:

Wild vegetable foodfestival (Ranbhajya Mahotsav):

Local people believe that the wild vegetables growing during and after the rainy season possess medicinal properties. To extend the benefit of the local biodiversity over to the urban population, this activity is organized. During this festival students prepare locally available and seasonal wild vegetables with their native recipes, explain the nutritional contents and medicinal properties to the visitors and also sell the raw vegetables and cooked vegetable dishes. The Agricultural and Forest Department, Government of Maharashtra also endorsed this activity.

Marketing fair :

This activity is open to all the students, especially Commerce and BBA (CA) students are the main participants. It provides a platform to the students to experience the product preparation, promotion and sale. Students sellcooked food dishes, cereals, pulses, spices, grains and locally available food items includingorganically grown Indrayani rice.

Sharada Kite Festival :

This event is open to all. It is a combination of Culture, tradition, Sport, entertainment and marketing of a variety of kites and food. This outdoor event is organized with a view to provide youth with opportunity to aspire for greater heights. It introduces the cultural heritage of India.

Evidence of Success :

Problems encountered & resource required:

Notes (Optional)


Practice 2

Title of the Practice :

" Fostering the sense of social responsibility among the staff and students "

Aim :

Objective of the Practice :

The context :

The Practice :

College had adoptedPirangut, Kharawade and Mukaiwadi-the villages in Mulshi Tehsil.UG and PG students of our College dwelling in these villages were the target group.

Following are the activities conducted :

1. Collection of Ganesha Idols, Hartalika and Pooja Nirmalya :

The villagers from Pirangut, Mukaiwadi and Kharawade during Ganesh Festival, immerse idols of Ganesha, Gauri and Hartalika and Pooja Nirmalya into nearby waterbodies causing water pollution. The awareness program was conducted to educate them regarding the water pollution caused by the chemical paints used and the plaster of paris. They are encouraged to go for Shadu Murti (idols) instead of Plaster of Paris. The college staff and students collect idols and the Pooja Nirmalya. We dispose of this material scientifically.

2. Health and Hygiene :

In the rural part there are myths and misconceptions regarding health and hygiene, organ donation etc. College took initiatives to eradicate those by undertaking Blood donation and health check-up Camp, Organ Donation Awareness Program, Covid Awareness Program for tribal people and Plasma donation campaign activities.

3. Awareness Programmes :

Students are groomed to be responsible citizens by undertaking Polling Awareness Rally, Flood relief rallies, Constitution Day celebration, Clean and Healthy India Campaign, Preparation and Distribution of Masks to local community, Helping activity by NSS Corona Warriors etc. activities

4. Surveys :

Social and Economic survey of Kharawade village and Gram Vikas Survekshan of Kharawade Village was carried out on23rd December 2019 by NSS students (Participants-staff 5,students 15).

Evidence of Success :

The activities were conducted to enhance community engagement with campus -

Problems encountered and resources required :

Notes (Optional) :