Code of Ethics


The academician must follow the professional 'Ethics and honesty' mandatorily. Originality in work or publication is one of the most important aspects. In general, the academicians should practice the values of honesty, responsibility, originality, discipline, adherence to policies, etc. These practices develop a healthy environment and also promote others to come with their own ideas. This may further upgrade the reputation of the institute also. Our institute followstheCode of Ethics and checksplagiarism.



The institute has an Ethical committee. The important functions of the committee are :-


Presentation of somebody else'swork or ideas in one's own name and that too without giving any credit or acknowledgement to the original work or source.


Plagiarism means stealing the ideas, work, statements, etc., of a published or unpublished work without taking proper consentor acknowledgement of the original one.

Thecollegestrictlyadherestotheplagiarism policies as decided by the UGC and the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.


Motivation for Research